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written by Chiara Arrigoni

directed by Francesco Toto

starring Massimo Leone, Andrea Ferrara, Chiara Arrigoni

year of producion 2017

running time 30 mins. (preliminary version); 

50 mins. version is scheduled for late spring 2018

We are in a new Europe, very similar to ours, but a bit more cruel: a post-war Europe where peace has finally been imposed. In a bare room a curiously apathetic guy in hospital clothes is waiting to take part in an advertising campaign. However, he’s not a human being like any other. He has just finished a period of therapy at an advanced research company that is developing a revolutionary project: to eradicate all traces of suffering from human organism. This therapy is directed more precisely to the sufferings of the soul, aiming at leading the patient to an irreversible condition of peace, which doctors call "Atarassia".

first version debut during Contaminazioni Festival 2016, at Teatro Orologio, Rome (October 2017)

full version debut scheduled at Altrove Spazio Teatrale Late spring season.

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