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"It is a play about desperation. There’s no place for fear - It is not the strongest one to win but rather the meanest one. It could be the person who has lost all humanity when in reality it’s humanity itself that has betrayed them. Your enemy could be in others or in yourself, in the masks of silence, in other people’s experiences."

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"The result is a well done formal experiment, even successful into the content, which meditates on a crucial Twentieth Century theme: the banality of evil. As a matter of fact, it was possible to built up organizations capable of the most atrocious horrors, and nonetheless efficient."



Why should a Millennial guy quit Netflix and come to theatre for you? What is evil today? Should you have some faith to dedicate yourselves to your job? How can Pinter be contemporary? These and more questions to be discussed in some interviews - which we considered like conversations with a friend.

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